Zassenhaus - dishwashing brush

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Zassenhaus - Dishwashing Brush

"Make me dirty" or "Give me Spüli" demand the cheeky dishwashing brushes from Zassenhaus. With funny sayings, they help make your job easier. Even as a gift, the original helpers are well received. "Hand wash only" is the message to anyone who prefers ironing, enamel or pans with non-stick coating. The "greasy hedgehog" is popular as a household animal, with the "Dishwasher 2.0" is the junior trained. And those who willingly swing the "Veni Vidi Wischi" dish brush deserve a big compliment as the winner of the day. The wooden handle of the brush fits well in the hand, the sturdy bristles eliminate dirt quickly and thoroughly. Handle and brush are firmly connected. With the practical hook you can hang the brushes over the sink.

  • thorough cleaning
  • lie well in the hand
  • original poison
  • different motives  

Zassenhaus - Pastry scraper

Enjoyment and quality of life are more related to kitchen and cooking than everything
else. This includes the preparation, too. The aroma of fresh hand ground coffee, fresh peppercorns or spicy pepper remember of the past. Zassenhaus stands in this context all times with its coffee and spice mills.

Passion and craftsmanship draw the Zassenhaus products, which impress with creative beauty, technical precision and innovation as well as sturdiness and stand for timeless elegance and aesthetics. Spices and coffee unfold through the processing of the various products of the Zassenhaus mill collection perfect their flavors.

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