KASUMI Masterpiece - MP14 Knife block for 6 knives

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KASUMI Masterpiece - MP14 Knife block for 6 knives

KASUMI Masterpiece Knife Block made ​​of HDF (high density fiberboard) with magnets.
The blades are held magnetically on the outer sides of the block.

  • 12 x 26,5,5 x 28 cm
  • Design KASUMI Masterpiece
  • black

A correctly stored cnife

You have now picked out some really good cnives, and they will need to be stored according to how you are planning to use them. On this subject, we and our distributors have thought long and hard.

The loose storage of cooking cnives in a drawer can damage the blades when they bump against each other. The cnives begin to lose their edge, and besides, reaching into a drawer full of cnives is not entirely without danger. In other words, not a sensible solution. We recommend either a cnife block or a good magnetic bar. With cnife blocks, it is important to be sure that when you put your cnife away, it is not bumping against anything that could blunt the blade. The block should be completely made of wood or a premium quality synthetic. With magnetic bars, it is important that the edges are rounded, so as not to unintentionally damage your blades. The magnets should also be particularly strong, so that your cnives don't fall down accidentally. Always remember to clip the back of your cnife.


  • Kasumi Masterpiece are a special, limited version of the Kasumi knife. They are the result of consistent further development, improvement, and decades of experience in the company Sumikama the blade forging. Kasumi Masterpiece knives are the best that ever.
  • The Japanese character is the character of Kasumi Masterpiece knife. In its actual translation it means something like "masterful handiwork" (Takumi). Kasumi Masterpiece knives get your exceptional properties by the invaluable experience of the best masters and their hand, in connection with the use of modern technology - in the tradition of Japanese sword forging.
  • The middle layer of the Kasumi Masterpiece blade is made of the best Japanese "VG10 Cobalt high carbon steel, which was developed exclusively for production of very high quality kitchen knives. After forging, the blades are again heated to about 800 ° C, then quickly cooled down and so hardened to about 59-60 ° C. Rockwell. The hardness of 59-60 HRC is not only in Japan for optimum hardness as kitchen knives. It allows for a very long service life of the cutting edge (sharpness), but also an equally easy re-sharpening the SUMIKAMA grindstone.
  • The perfect, hot-flashing edge is the product of many grinding operations on rotating special water grinding stones. Only the best from Seki grinder grind each blade of Kasumi Masterpiece at various work steps by hand. Your final sharpness get the knife through the final grinding process with a fine 3000 Kasumi water stone.
  • The Kasumi Masterpiece damask pattern on both sides of the blade, formed by repeated folding and forging of high-grade steel in several layers. The professional handle the Kasumi Masterpiece knives is made of a hard resin thermoset linen. By pressure and heat of this resin is replaced by his special life and so its good shape. The knife is very comfortable and secure in the hand.
  • The beauty of the blade, along with the glossy finish handle - this knife is so unique. Kasumi Masterpiece are beautiful and extremely sharp, they are perfect for any type of preparation of fine cuisine.
  • Kasumi knives are produced by Sumikama Cutlery in Seki, Japan. Sumikama Cutlery specializes in producing knives from very advanced materials with the most advanced manufacturing techniques.


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