KEN HOM - Non Stick Carbon Steel Wok in 4 Sizes

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KEN HOM - Non Stick Carbon Steel Wok

Ken Hom Performance carbon steel, non-stick woks deliver outstanding performance and durability as well as being practical and easy to use. The woks have a superior non-stick coating on both the interior and exterior, designed not only to cope with the high temperatures experienced during stir-fry cooking and are also dishwasher safe. This wok comes with a 2 year guarantee. Made from strong but light carbon steel, offering excellent heat-conduction properties for high temperature stir frying. Flat base is ideal for hob cooking. Suitable for all hobs. Non-stick coating for easy cleaning, suitable for dishwashers. Do not use with metal utensils.

  • Non-stick coating for ease of use and easy clean
  • Lightweight carbon steel for high temperature stirfry cooking
  • Black phenolic handle which controls heat conductivity when cooking
  • Suitable for all hobs including induction

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