Trendglas Jena - pharmacist bottle

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Trendglas Jena - pharmacist bottle

Clear aesthetics, high functionality and a wide range of products.
The origins of our products come of the variety and the aesthetics of the SCHOTT Jenaer Glas GmbH forms. Additional to these forms comes a new collection of new products - high quality, functional and with a clear design.

The pharmacist bottles by Trendglas Jena have a classic design and are made out of resistent glass. They has a glass lid, are dishwasher safe and microwave suitable.

  • mini: 100 ml (H 107 x W 50 x D 50 mm)
  • small: 250 ml (H 140 x W 70 x D 70 mm)
  • medium: 500 ml (H 175 x B 85 x T 85 mm)
  • large: 1000 l (H 200 x B 105 x T 105 mm)

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