Eva Solo - Teamaker - Black + Kusmi Tea

Eva Solo - Teamaker - Black + Kusmi Tea

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Eva Solo - Teamaker - 1 l + Kusmi Tea

  • Eva Solo - Teamaker black  1 l  + Kusmi Tea - 5 x Russian Blends Assortment

Russian Blends Assortment
The Russian Blends assortment of mini tins is perfect for discovering the famous Russian taste based on Earl Grey. Prince Vladimir with its delicious blend of citrus flavours, vanilla and spices, Anastasia with its fruity blend of lemon and orange blossom, St. Petersburg, an indulgent blend of caramel and fruits, Bouquet of Flowers N°108, a delicate pairing of citrus and flowers, and Troika, the subtle combination of orange and tangerine

Eva Solo - Teamaker black  1 l  - Spoon tannin-free tea leaves that can brew indefinitely directly into the glass flask. Insert the filter and the leaves stay in the flask when you pour. For tea that only needs to brew for a few minutes, spoon the leaves into the filter instead. Fully depress the plunger after brewing and pour - it is not necessary to remove the tea leaves or the filter. The tea maker is drip free and has a tip-up lid that automatically opens when you pour. The neoprene cover keeps your tea nice and warm.

  • Ø= 14 cm H= 19,4 cm
  • Material: Glass, Stainless steel, plastic, Neopren
  • V=1,0 L
  • 100% drip-free


Since 1913 we have worked from the same design philosophy: always try to challenge the dominant logic and explore new possibilities. This has made Eva Solo into a brand that stands for quality, functionality and innovative products for the home.

We want every single product to be based on an excellent idea that enhances the modern home. We are not interested in design for the sake of design, or in developing products which perform the same functions as so many others. We are thereby writing ourselves into the Scandinavian design tradition. In our view this tradition is not about a particular look or style, but a tradition established by architects and engineers who created a string of classic products by pushing the boundaries in terms of materials, production methods, functionality and aesthetics.


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