Set - Long-handled Chestnut Pan 28 cm & "Jack" The Chestnut Cutter

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Set - Long-handled Chestnut Pan & "Jack" The Chestnut Cutter

With this practical set, you can first roast the chestnuts with the Chestnut Cutter carving and then in the chestnut pan. Then the chestnuts can be consumed with great effort without much effort.

de Buyer - La Lyonnaise - Chestnut Pan with side ventilation 28 cm - Handle 70 cm

Chestnut pan in blued iron. Traditional pan with evenly spaced holes on the bottom, specially designed for cooking chestnuts on hot coals.The fry pan is 100% natural, 100% recyclable, guaranteed coating-free. The blue colour of iron is due to a thermal treatment that provides pans with temporary protection against oxidation during storage and transport. The blue sheet pan seasons, getting darker and naturally non-stick the more it is used. This pan is suitable for any cook top, except induction.

  • Ø 28 cm - Ø bottom = 22 cm
  • Length with handle: 95 cm
  • H = 3,7 cm

de Buyer La Lyonnaise

  • STEEL - STRONG quality
  • 1 to 1,5 mm thick
  • for less powerful heat sources
  • Semi-professional and domestic use
  • Quick heating time
  • Extra-strong handles

"Jack" The Chestnut Cutter

With "Jack" you get a small practical helper in the house, which makes the carving of chestnuts to a safe and concise experience.

In fact, "Jack's" sawtooth blade, in contrast to conventional knives, prevents slipping on the smooth chestnut skin by simply pushing it over the vault of the chestnut with measured pressure. The core remains undamaged and the shell bursts at the perforated point as soon as it is heated in the oven, on a hot plate or over an open flame.

For practical storage, we supply "Jack" the chestnuts in a sturdy packaging made of untreated beech wood.

  • Dimensions: W 80 mm, H 22 mm
  • Material: stainless steel

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