de Buyer - Carbone Plus WOK 35 cm

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de Buyer - Carbone Plus WOK

Wok especially designed for induction hob with wok shape. Riveted steel strip handle.
Typical Asian rounded form adapted to the wok induction cooker. Enables to seal and cook food with little fat for a dietetic and natural Asian cuisine. Opimized weight of the wok to
cook effortless.

  • D = 35,5 cm
  • H = 8,5 cm
  • L = 69,5 cm
  • Suitable for all cook tops including induction
  • The manufacturer does not guarantee the flatness of the pans bottom, if the diameter of the heat source is 1.5 cm bigger than the bottom of the pan. No restrictions exist for the use of all iron pans on full surface induction and gas cookers.

You can find the instructions and other tips and information in the attached PDF document.




de Buyer -  Made in France Since 1830

The de Buyer company was founded in 1830 and has been creating and manufacturing the best kitchen ans pastry utensils for the professional and does all to help you preserve the greatness, the traditions, the charm and above all the delicious flavours of French gastronomy.
de Buyer offers over 3000 items: cookwares made of steel, stainless steel, copper and non stick aluminium ,professional "Mandoline" slicers, silicone moulds, pastry utensils, etc.
de Buyer continues today to draw upon their knowledge in an effort to provide superior quality and innovation in equipement for the professional and for the gourmet consumer

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