PSP Peugeot - Vinegar and Oil set - Balsam

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PSP Peugeot - Vinegar and Oil set - Balsam

NEW - for salad to taste: the "Balsamic Vinegar & Oil" menu
Salad is healthy and should be on the menu as often as possible. But because the tastes are different, everyone likes to season it individually. We recommend the portable meal "Balsam vinegar & oil" by Peugeot. It is always at hand when fresh salad needs the right finish - in the kitchen as well as on the dining table.
The shapely duo with glass containers and stainless steel tray and spout convinces with many practical features. A "Drop Select" system allows seasoning as you wish: either drop by drop or in a continuous flow. Unsightly stains on the tablecloth avoids a drip-stop system. And thanks to the patented anti-tilt system, it's easy to use even for the awkward. Even the left-handers thought of the design: The double spout is comfortable for them as well as for the right-handers.
A good idea of ​​the Peugeot designer is also the position "full closure". It ensures that vinegar and oil are optimally preserved when the meal is not in use. The "Balsam Essig & Öl" meal set is available in an attractive gift box and therefore also as a present a hit.

  • dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free (no bisphenol-A included)
  • Oil and vinegar not included
  • Filling capacity: 2x 200 ml
  • Height: 22.5 cm

PSP Peugeot Mills

The Peugeot adventure started in the 19th century with a flurry of ingenious code-setting creations and to this day, Peugeot coffee and pepper mills set the standards for gourmets and great chefs alike. Over the course of two centuries, Peugeot has opened up its business to the world, constantly revisiting its products that eloquently attest to its flair.

Since 1850, the lion has epitomized the quality of Peugeot products? the strength of their teeth, the flexibility of their blades and fast cutting capacity.

Now, the brand has taken its pursuit of blending excellence with pleasure further to claim ground in the spices and wine universes with its distinctive Lion hallmark styling that combines the best of design and technology.

Peugeot conducts most of its activities in France, at Quingey, in the Doubs, which is the brand?s birthplace. Design, technical development, manufacturing and shipping flourish there. The brand is the sector leader worldwide, exporting 70% of its products from its base to more than 80 countries.

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