RBV Birkmann - Eclair baking pan | 12pcs

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RBV Birkmann - Eclair baking pan | 12pcs

Macarons, eclairs and Madeleines - trendy biscuits from France conquer the hobby bakeries worldwide. There are no limits to the imagination here - countless flavors and always new color combinations, chicly dressed in papers, crinkle cups or small gift boxes. So they become real eye-catchers. Oh la la!

  • 12 pcs
  • Material: Sheet with non-stick coating


Baking is so easy! Eggs, butter, sugar and flour are all the ingredients you need for baking cakes or cookies. If you use more eggs and less flour it will become a sponge mixture. With less eggs and more flour you will get a dough for crispy cookies. Cakes and cookies should surprise, enchant, inspire and especially succeed and we at RBV Birkmann develop cookie cutters and baking moulds for this purposes.

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