Schott Zwiesel - FINE - Eau de Vie "Alsace"

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Schott Zwiesel - FINE - Eau de Vie "Alsace"

The glass series FINE by SCHOTT ZWIESEL brings harmony and festivity on each table. This is ensured by the curved fireplaces and long handles: everything is finely balanced. This is how wines are presented at the best. Two decanters, slender and wide, follow the same shaping as the glasses.

The digestif glass combines the elegance and functionality with the curved fireplace and long handle. The digestif glass is perfect for the enjoyment of liqueur wines, such as sherry or port.

  • Height: 197 mm
  • Diameter: 68 mm
  • Capacity: 184 ml
  • Material: TRITAN®-crystal glass

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