Wüsthof PERFOMER - Santoku 17 cm

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Wüsthof PERFOMER - Santoku 17 cm

Wüsthof PERFOMER - Santoku 17 cm - The Japanese chef's knife is strong and versatile, can be used for weighing and chopping or for precise cutting. As a chef's knife with a wide blade, it is a noticeably energetic tool and its agility reliably accompanies you in the preparation and preparation of fresh food. Diamond-like-Carbon (DLC) coating: The DLC-coated blade is the ultimate in the knife market - thanks to the lotus effect, it glides almost smoothly through hard and soft materials and is also extremely hard and resistant. Hexagon Power Grip: The new, ergonomic handle construction with offset anti-slip honeycomb structure guarantees extreme control - ideal for all working conditions.

  • Blade length: 11.4 cm
  • Blade width: 5.0 cm
  • Handle made of special plastic with anti-slip honeycomb structure
  • Handle length: 17.0 cm
  • Quality - Made in Germany / Solingen.


High tech meets real knife craft

When developing the Performer knives, the designers and engineers at Wüsthof brought together state-of-the-art technologies with over 200 years of real forging experience in the knife trade.

All Performer knives are manufactured in Solingen in our pioneering knife production facility and are the world's first forged knives with a bolster that are refined with a diamond-like carbon coating (DLC) - a technology that was developed for the extreme conditions in aerospace and motorsport .

In addition, the diamond-like surface treatment gives the knife a lotus effect.

Starch, bases or acidic liquids from citrus fruits simply pear off the blade. The black Performer knives glide almost smoothly through hard and soft ingredients. After use, simply wipe it off and the blade shines clean as new.

In the production process, experienced knife makers ensure that every knife is extremely sharp and also perfectly balanced - it feels like a natural extension of the hand. Every Performer knife is ideal for puristic cuts - whether in the relaxed private kitchen or in the hectic everyday life of a professional kitchen.

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