Staub - Multi-purpose spoon silicone - 30 cm

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Staub - Multi-purpose spoon silicone - 30 cm

STAUB presents its new series of kitchen helpers. Made from black matte silicone and acacia wood. The kitchen helpers have been designed to match the other STAUB items in your kitchen. The high-quality material has several advantages: silicone is heat-resistant up to 220°C and leaves no scratches on cast iron or non-stick coating. The acacia wood handle not only looks good, it is also ergonomically designed and has a hole for hanging storage.

This multifunctional spoon can be used for most cooking tasks, such as moving ingredients in a stir-fry, turning fried potatoes, stirring vegetables, lifting food from a pan, and serving at the table. Its triangular head holds more food than a serving spoon and the shape makes it easy to use in a pan or square ceramic bowl. This multifunctional spoon could well become the most used utensil in your kitchen and you'll wonder how you ever did without it.

  • perfect for turning, dividing and serving
  • Ergonomic handle made of acacia wood
  • Recommendation: clean by hand
  • Design by STAUB
  • Material: silicone, handle made of acacia wood
  • Product length: 30.0 cm
  • Product width: 7.40 cm
  • Product width: 2.8 cm
  • Handle length: 10.0 cm


The brand STAUB originated in France - more precisely in Alsace, a region that is world-famous for its cuisine and good food. The focus of the product portfolio is on cookware made of cast iron and ceramics for connoisseurs who are looking for an authentic and emotional cooking and taste experience. STAUB products combine traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology perfectly. Famous restaurateurs from all over the world appreciate the high quality of the products, which is why they are used in prestigious restaurants every day, not just in the kitchen. Even hobby chefs enjoy the DUST advantages of the preparation and the possibility to serve food directly on the table.

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