Victorinox - Officer’s Knife SwissChamp

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Victorinox - Officer’s Knife SwissChamp

You will be right at the front in every situation with the SwissChamp. The top model among the “Officer’s Knives” combines 33 high quality tools with an award-winning design.

  • Size (L x W x H): 91 x 27 x 33 mm


  1. large blade
  2. mini-screwdriver
  3. small blade
  4. corkscrew
  5. can opener with
  6. -small screwdriver
  7. cap lifter with
  8. -screwdriver
  9. -wire stripper
  10. reamer, punch
  11. key ring
  12. tweezers
  13. toothpick
  14. scissors
  15. multi-purpose hook (parcel carrier)
  16. fish scaler with
  17. -hook disgorger
  18. -ruler (cm + inches)
  19. nailfile with
  20. -metal file
  21. -nail cleaner
  22. -metal saw
  23. screwdriver 2.5mm
  24. chisel
  25. pliers with
  26. -wire crimping tool
  27. -wire cutters
  28. Phillips screwdriver
  29. magnifying lens
  30. pressurized ballpoint pen
  31. pin stainless
  32. sewing eye
  33. woodsaw


The success story of Victorinox began with the “Officer’s Knife” in 1897. The latest generation of the world famous originals continues the virtues of yesterday, while nevertheless still meeting the demands of today with regard to functionality, user friendliness and quality. The extensive range of models is continually being revised, and you are therefore sure to find the right “Officer’s Knife” for every application. The common element between them all is their proverbial reliability and the perfection down to detail.


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