Victorinox - Pocket Tool Classic Edelweiß

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Victorinox - Pocket Tool Classic Edelweiß

Small but classy, this pocket tool will accompany you through your working life and in your leisure time.

  • Size (L x W x H): 58 x 18 x 9 mm


  1. nailfile with
  2. -nail cleaner
  3. key ring 
  4. toothpick 
  5. tweezers 
  6. blade 
  7. scissors


Small enough to be carried as a key ring accessory – large enough to be useful in everyday life. Despite their small size, these popular ladies’ and gentlemen’s knives of the Classic series are fully functional and perform brilliantly in both business and leisure time use. The shells, which are available in different colors, underline their character as lifestyle accessories. The models with the more extensive functions, such as ballpoint pen and white LED light, are particularly useful. Here’s a tip: If you open the nail file before starting to write, the ballpoint pen will lie even better in the hand.



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Victorinox - key ring small Victorinox - key ring small
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Victorinox - Scissors springs small Victorinox - Scissors springs small
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