Raclette & Fondue

Happy New Year 2021 - We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year 2021. Your Culinaris Team

Culinaris - First School Day

Culinaris - First School Day Find the perfect gifts that make their new life perfectly! Lunchbox, Drinking Bottle...

Culinaris - italian cuisine

Buon Appetito! Enjoy Italian cuisine with the right tools for making and serving pizza, pasta and more.

Go to the Oktoberfest

Off to the Oktoberfest! - A variety of genuine eye-catchers - and certainly not only for the dirndl or at the Oktoberfest! I like that!

Culinaris - Cleanup and order

Culinaris - Have fun to clean up! Nothing but order in mind! Our secret recipe for plaster muffle.

Valentines Day - Gift ideas

Valentines Day - Gift ideas

Valentines Day - Gift ideas - Here are some great Valentine's Day gift ideas for your girl/boy

Asparagus season - tools for preparation

It suits excellent with ham and sauce hollandaise. Here you can find Tools for the preparation and recipe books.

Culinaris - Jam

Culinaris Jam - Make jams and jellies easy yourself. Here you will find the right accessories.

Culinaris - European Cup 2021

European cup 2021 - Be it at the public viewing or at home, these items should not be missing!

BBQ - Barbecue

BBQ with friends - .Burgers, skewers or steaks - Vegetarian or meat - in the kitchen, in the garden, on the lawn

Pumpkin time & Halloween

Scary Halloween with Culinaris - Carved pumpkins - Now the triangle® pumpkin carving sets.

St. Martin’s goose

St. Martin’s goose - St. Martin’s goose, is usually served roasted along with red cabbage and dumplings.

For the Love of Mushrooms...

For the Love of Mushrooms...

For the Love of Mushrooms... Autumn is the prime mushrooming season, so let’s go on a mushroom foray – it’s fun!

Original Thuringian dumplings

Original Thüringer Klöße - Highest quality with trend and tradition - clever and practical kitchen gadgets and household articles