Hygienic polishing and drying of glass, cutlery, pots, ceramics, plastics and much more.
During cleaning, zilotex® absorbs bacteria in the cloth and destroys them in the fibers through active silver and moisture. Please wash with similar colors before first use.

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zilotex - Tea Towel

Product no.: Z95200

zilotex - Tea Towel - Hygienic polishing and drying of glass, cutlery, pots, ceramics and plastics

8.99 *

zilotex - Oven Towel

Product no.: Z95306

zilotex - Oven Towel - Hygienic cleaning of ovens, ceramic hobs and grills

5.99 *

zilotex - Fridge Towel

Product no.: Z95310

zilotex - Fridge Towel - Hygienic cleaning in the refrigerator without much effort

5.99 *

zilotex - Kitchen Towel

Product no.: Z95300

zilotex - Kitchen Towel - Hygienic rinsing of glasses, dishes, wooden boards, plastics and porcelain

5.99 *

zilotex - Stainless Steel Towel

Product no.: Z95401

zilotex - Stainless Steel Towel - Hygienic cleaning of stainless steel, fittings, cutlery, pots, refrigerator doors and extractor hoods

5.99 *

zilotex - Household Towel

Product no.: Z95101

zilotex - Household Towel - Hygienic cleanliness in the household for cleaning work surfaces, cabinet doors, drawers and floors

9.99 *

zilotex - Shoe Cleaning Towel

Product no.: Z95150

zilotex - Shoe Cleaning Towel - Hygienic cleaning of boots, pumps, sandals and other shoes

5.99 *

zilotex - Bath Towel

Product no.: Z95301

zilotex - Bath Towel - Hygienic cleaning in the bathroom and toilet with the cleaning bath towel

5.99 *

zilotex - Multimedia Towel

Product no.: Z95400

zilotex - Multimedia Towel - Brilliant hygienic cleaning for smartphones, tablets, eBook readers, screens and other technical devices.

8.99 *

zilotex - Eyeglass Towel

Product no.: Z95600

zilotex - Eyeglass Towel - Get a streak-free view with the practical glasses cloth set

11.99 *
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