Riess Emaille CLASSIC - timelessly beautiful

Discover here the classic enamel series from Riess. Our classics were developed between 1920 and 1960. They represent lasting values in form and color and are cult objects far beyond Austria's borders. They are and will remain the centerpiece of our product range. Le Creuset Le Creuset


Riess - CLASSIC - White

Bright white is beautiful in every kitchen, whether as a pot, casserole, Schnabel pot, (vegetable) sieve, scoop or skimmer. Discover the Classic range.

Le Creuset


Riess - CLASSIC - Pastel

The hit of the 50s. Our series Pastel is still in great demand, especially the Schnabeltöpfe in different forms.

Le Creuset


Riess - CLASSIC - Giants & Dwarfs

The new edition of our largest and smallest pots - outside earthy black and granitspitzen inside - with extra strong iron sheet for even better stewing results.


Black enamel

Riess - CLASSIC - Black Enamel

The dark color improves the frying result, even at high temperatures.

Le Creuset


Riess - CLASSIC - Color

Pure clear colours, as if created to conjure up a mood. Classic blue for maritime, or warm red and green for southern flair in the kitchen.
Universal hob suitability.

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Riess - Classic - Nature Green

The three fine color nuances light, medium and dark for pots, saucepans and bowls result in a coherent and harmonious overall picture that fits wonderfully into many kitchens.


Riess - CLASSIC - Pure Grey

Light gray goes exceptionally well with the classic forms by Riess. The elegant and reserved shade of Pure Gray can be beautifully combined with other Riess series.

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Riess - CLASSIC - Spezialartikel

Enamel dishes for special needs such as cooking goulash on the campfire, roasting chestnuts, gently cooking potatoes and vegetables and much more.

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Riess CLASSIC - Black enamel - french fries pan with insert

Product no.: 0052-022

Riess CLASSIC - Black enamel - French fries pan with insert - ensures crispy golden brown French fries.

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Riess CLASSIC - Black enamel - wood carving pan

Product no.: 0565-022

Riess CLASSIC - black enamel - woodcut pan rustic black enamel pan with wooden handle by Riess.

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