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RIESS -  We Live for Porcelain Enamel

RIESS - Premium Porcelain Enamel - Qualiy made in Austria - since 1550.
Over nine generations, the Riess family has been creating kitchenware in Ybbsitz in the Lower Austrian Mostviertel region since 1550. Since 1922, Riess specialised in the manufacture of top-quality enamelware. The advantages of porcelain enamel for healthy cooking and baking impress us now more than ever.  


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Discover here the classic enamel series from Riess. Our classics were developed between 1920 and 1960. They represent lasting values in form and color and are cult objects far beyond Austria's borders. They are and will remain the centerpiece of our product range.

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Discover the Riess country enamel series here. Ybbsitz is located in the middle of the Mostviertel. That's why we love our down-to-earth, romantic enamel decorations. They arouse the longing for life in the countryside, for savory and natural dishes and smells.

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The design studio dottings developed for us cooking pots and storage containers in clear, timelessly modern
Shapes and strong colors. For people who demand sustainable aesthetics for kitchen and table.


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A cookware for all cooking enthusiasts for whom strong colours, modern forms and high functionality are important. Made in our top quality with strong steel heat storage bottom, stainless steel pouring rim, stainless steel handles and glass lid. In addition there is the practical Schnabeltopf in the same colour. Universal hob suitability.

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We have been producing iron pans since 1550. Suitable for all hotplates - especially for gas stoves and open fires. Perfect for frying meat and potatoes as well as for preparing crispy crêpes and omelettes.

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Quality tableware made of 18/10 stainless steel. Extra strong forged thermo capsule bottom, very good heat conduction, heat distribution and heat storage. Universal cooking plates suitability. induction, glass ceramic, electric stove, gas stove, oven. Easy cleaning, can be combined and stacked.

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Riess - Hopper 10 cm

Product no.: 0966-033
Riess hopper 10 cm - stable plastic quality with a practical handle - wide enough opening - can be filled well.
2.99 *
In stock

Riess - SARAH WIENER - Cake Tin

Product no.: 0494-572
The RIESS EDITION Sarah Wiener with the completely new color concept of the design duo dottings - colorful baking pleasure.
57.99 *
In stock

Riess - CLASSIC - Colorful- Pot

Product no.: 0221-096

Riess - Classic - Colorful - Pot with flare captivates with pure, clear colors, perfect for conjuring up the mood.

16.99 *
In stock


Product no.: 0438-570
The RIESS EDITION Sarah Wiener with the completely new color concept of the design duo dottings - colorful baking pleasure.
from 29.99 *

Riess CLASSIC - Black enamel - french fries pan with insert

Product no.: 0052-022

Riess CLASSIC - Black enamel - French fries pan with insert - ensures crispy golden brown French fries.

from 58.99 *

Riess CLASSIC - Black enamel - wood carving pan

Product no.: 0565-022

Riess CLASSIC - black enamel - woodcut pan rustic black enamel pan with wooden handle by Riess.

from 31.99 *

Riess - Enamel - Aromapots Covered Casserole

Product no.: 2111

Riess - Enamel - Aromapots Covered Casserole - With Lid - Easy to clean flavourless - scratch resistant

from 121.99 *

Riess NOUVELLE - Rosso Top 3000 - Enamel pan

Product no.: 0057-008

Riess NOUVELLE - Rosso Top 3000 - Enamel pan - The large Riess pan is ideal for baking and roasting. Optimum heat distribution. 

64.99 *

Riess CLASSIC - Color - cake tin 26 cm

Product no.: 0494-20

Riess CLASSIC - Color - cake tin 26 cm - The round cake shape made of enamel is robust, durable and easy to care for. 

44.90 *
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