Gastroback - Water Kettle


Gastroback - Water & Tea  Kettle

Today, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world after water. Whether your taste preference is for a rich full bodied Darjeeling tea, a delicate first picked Japanese Green tea or one of the hundreds of herbal teas now available, all tea drinkers know the special moment of escape that can be found while drinking that perfect cup.

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Gastroback - Design Tea & More Advanced

Product no.: 42438

Gastroback - Design Tea & More Advanced - 3 in 1: Automatic tea & water heater and precision cooker

189.99 *

New Gastroback - Test strip for water hardness

Product no.: 98334

Gastroback - Test strip for detection of water hardness - quickly and easily - with printed scale

4.95 *
In stock

Gastroback - Premium Descaler

Product no.: 98175

Gastroback - Premium Descaler 500 ml - suitable for all high-quality espresso and coffee machines

12.99 *
In stock

Gastroback - Cleaning Tabs

Product no.: 97830

Gastroback - Cleaning Tabs  - 12 pieces - suitable for all espresso and coffee machines - remove easily fats/oils and coffee deposits

12.99 *
In stock

Gastroback - Design Kettle Cool Touch

Product no.: 42436

Gastroback - Design Kettle Cool Touch - Push a button to select the right water temperature 

69.99 *

Gastroback - Colour Vision PRO Kettle

Product no.: 42427

Gastroback - Colour Vision PRO Kettle - Appliance illuminates depending on the temperature of the water in different colors from blue to red.

79.99 *
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