Zassenhaus - wooden spoon

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Zassenhaus - Wooden spoon

It's great when cooking with friends or family! Distribute the Zassenhaus cooking spoons in the round, if you fry meat and vegetables for the wok or turn over the chopped in the pan on the pasta evening. Six cheerful motifs provide a topic of conversation. And the kids help to fry the onions for the chili con carne when the spoon with the smile face or the sun is ready. The heart motif is a gift for the mother, whose pea soup warms the stomach and soul. The star in the kitchen gets the right spoon, the heart-emoji is perfect for the romantic dinner, the tree motif accompanies Christmas presents from your kitchen. All wooden spoons are made of high quality beech, stable and durable.

  • food safe
  • hygienic
  • odorless and tasteless
  • dishwasher safe
  • Material: beech
  • 6 happy motives
  • original gift


Zassenhaus - a comitted traditional brand

Enjoyment and quality of life are more related to kitchen and cooking than everything
else. This includes the preparation, too. The aroma of fresh hand ground coffee, fresh peppercorns or spicy pepper remember of the past. Zassenhaus stands in this context all times with its coffee and spice mills.

Passion and craftsmanship draw the Zassenhaus products, which impress with creative beauty, technical precision and innovation as well as sturdiness and stand for timeless elegance and aesthetics. Spices and coffee unfold through the processing of the various products of the Zassenhaus mill collection perfect their flavors.

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