SAGE - The Adjusta Grill & Press

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SAGE - The Adjusta Grill & Press

Flat bottom plate for frying fried eggs or sandwiches. Adjustable feet for shallow or grease-free cooking, while the adjustable height in the top plate is ideal for deli and open melt sandwiches. For an authentic panini experience at home.

  • FAST COOKING - Nobody likes to wait. Thanks to the 2200 W heating element for faster heating, fry your food in minutes with variable temperature control. The flat bottom plate and ribbed plate are versatile and can also be used for grilling, toasted sandwiches, eggs or pancakes.

  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT CONTROL - The sides of the grill have a sliding mechanism that allows the top plate to be adjusted to different heights. Delicate foods such as fish, panini or vegetables can thus be grilled without coming into direct contact with the plates. You can also heat up pizzas or gratinate your sandwiches.

  • FLOATING TOP PLATE - Automatically adjusts to thick or thin meat, seafood, vegetables or sandwiches.

  • UNIQUE ANGLE GRILLING PLATE - Allows fat to drip easily into the drip tray.

  • REMOVABLE DRIP TRAY - Catches excess fat during cooking. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

  • 31 x 38.1 x 14.5 cm

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