Lock & Lock - PP CLASSIC Set of 3 - red

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Lock & Lock - PP CLASSIC Set of 3 red

They have proven their worth millions of times and are now an integral part of our households: the practical multifunctional boxes of the PP Classic-Line have brought order to the stockpile for more than 30 years. What makes the Multitalente so special: The patented four-wing safety seal with silicone seal closes 100% air and water-tight. This keeps the stored food fresh longer and odors can not escape. The containers themselves do not take odors or discolorations. And the most beautiful: they are easy to handle.

The classic Lock & Lock cans are transparent, so you always have the perfect overview of their contents. They are dishwasher-proof and microwave-safe and therefore easy to handle. The reliable air and water tightness ensures that liquids and aromas remain where they belong. The Lock & Lock can be frozen to -20 ° C and are available in many shapes and sizes. For everything you want to store and store safely.

These cans are real all-rounder! Lock & Lock is air and water tight. Even liquids can be safely transported. This is why Lock & Lock boxes are the ideal transport container for work, school, hobby and everyday life. The patented closure system ensures that food stays fresh longer. Also Lock & Lock is aromafest. Even intensely smelling dishes such as fish or cheese can be stored without disturbing odors. The high-quality and transparent material of the Lock & Lock multifunctional boxes ensures that you always keep an overview and immediately see what is in the box. The cans in all shapes and sizes are fully stackable and can be stored in a space-saving way. Thus order becomes childlike. Of course, all Lock & Lock cans can be cleaned in the dishwasher, frozen to -20 ° C and heated to 120 ° C in the microwave.

  • Material:polypropylen
  • Closes air and watertight.
  • sutibale for Microwave, freezer and dishwasher
  • BPA-free: Suitable for babies
  • air density
  • Suitable for microwaves up to 120 ° C
  • Suitable for freezer to -20 ° C
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Four patented safety locks
  • Stackable
  • Multifunctional box
  • Set consisting of
    1 x HSM8430 - 137x137x72 mm - 520 ml
    1 x HSM8440 - 160x160x84 mm - 950 ml
    1 x HSM8450 - 190x190x90 mm - 1,6 l

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