HIP- Drinking straw "Clean Straw" Set of 3

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HIP- For less disposable plastic

“Clean Straw” by HIP is the only straw that can be opened for easy and thorough cleaning. Forgotten are the fears of what remains and bacteria could be lurking inside a reusable straw. The patented zip process allows the straw to be opened completely. It can be easily cleaned under running water without the need for an additional cleaning brush, and is then pressed together to prevent leakage. It is immediately hygienically clean and ready to use again.


  • Material: high quality platinum silicone
  • 3 pieces in a set.
  • Color options: hot pink, space dusty pink, jade, set: sky, dusty pink, stone
  • BPA free
  • reusable


HIP - Environmental protection is very important

The founders of the Hip brand want to help reduce the use of single-use plastics with their products and bring about a significant change in consumer behavior. Modern, "good-looking" and reusable products should inspire consumers and encourage rethinking, so that in the end every single one contributes to a big change on a small scale. Hip has teamed up with the "Healthy Harbors" organization, which has set itself the task of trapping single-use plastics in rivers before they land in the Atlantic. With every hip item sold, you support the disposal and collection of disposable water bottles, polystyrene coffee mugs and plastic bags.

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