Ballarini - Stewpan 24 cm - Portofino granitium

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Ballarini - Stewpan with Glass Lid 24 cm  - Portofino granitium

Ballarini - Stewpan with Glass Lid 24 cm  - Portofino granitium -  Extremely resistant non-stick coating composed of 5 layers, (3 layers + 2 layers with mineral particles), for ultra intensive use. Resistant to metal utensils.

  • Induction Base: Aluminium-steel composite base suitable for all heat sources.
  • Forged body in food-safe: extra thick aluminium.
  • External finish: high temperature resistant, easy to clean.
  • Handle: steel handel ovenproof suitable for use in the oven to high temperatures.
  • Tested quality: Ballarini also has ongoing controls performed by respected international agencies such as Neotron (Italy), LGA (Germany), and the Danish Institute (Denmark) to ensure that the company’s non-stick coatings are completely suitable and safe for use with foodstuffs.
  • Ø 24 cm  H= 13 cm  V= 5,4 L
  • Made in Italy

Ballarini Granitium

The non-stick surface with the heart of stone


A revolutionary formula in the non stick coating history lets you rediscover all the flavours of an ancient time, when food was the result of the combination of water, air, earth and fire.


A correct heat distribution achieved through the hight heat conductivity of the metal, and the sturdiness of the stone are renewing cooking gestures to a closer and more authentic relationship with nature, that you may rediscover not only in the flavours, but in the natural colour and appearance of the line as well. Each cooking gesture recovers the natural feeling of an ancient time, when food was directly cooked on the stone.


  • The long life of the utensil
  • Perfect, healthy cooking
  • A fork-proof, non-stick surface
  • 100% dishwasher resistance
  • An easy-to-clean cooking surface
  • A guarantee in the event of intolerances or allergies to heavy metals and nickel. Does not contain PFOA

GRANITIUM: the result of research and technology

  • Impermeability with maximum non-stick power
  • Double layer of visible hardening materials providing the coating with exceptional scratch and wear resistance
  • Middle layer with diffused resistance - Reinforcement structure with high mineral content
  • Anchor layer
  • Body in aluminium alloy, previously trated and with controlled roughness
  • Stainless protective external layer

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