ESGE-Zauberstab® M 100 D

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ESGE-Zauberstab® M 100 D

Now, there is movement in the kitchen, because together they are super strong: the ESGE Wand® M 122 DE LUXE and the compact ESGE CUTTER. The top model of the wand is accompanied by the powerful batting and the proven multifunction knife. And now comes the new little magic box, which in seconds, nuts, spices, coffee beans, sugar cubes, chocolate and. v. m. crushed. A wide foot ring makes the transparent container absolutely stable. Inside, a two-bladed knife made of high-quality stainless steel moves. And when everything is ready, then just put it in the dishwasher. All parts are dishwasher safe. Thus, the cleaning is a breeze.


Technical details

  • Power: 120 W, 230 V ~, 50 Hz

  • Cable length: 165 cm

  • Two-stage - 7,000 / 10,000 rpm.

  • Soft touch membrane switch

  • KB time 5 minutes

  • Immersion depth up to approx. 23 cm

  • Plug-in centering: makes attaching the accessories easier

  • Durable engine, made in Switzerland

  • Dimensions: Ø 6,9 x H 35 cm

  • Device weight: 0.93 kilos



  • ESGE multifunction knife
  • wall mount
  • recipe instructions
  • operation manual



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