Microplane - Fine Julienne - Gourmet Series

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Microplane - Fine Julienne - Gourmet Series

The new blade style was inspired by the classic French carrot salad, better known as Carottes Râpées, which has cult status in France. The secret of this famous dish lies in the fine Julienne strips which look slightly different from traditional strips.
The grated strips of carrot, celery root, zucchini, apple, pear, potato, beetroot, radish or cucumber are slightly wider but finer and thinner than the classic Julienne strips and not as wide as the grating result would be with an extra coarse blade .
The Fine Julienne Blade is ideal for fresh, raw salads, for garnishing soups, for simply steaming in a wok or for an Asian-style stir fry. Fine julienne strips can also be used to garnish desserts or drinks.
The non-slip soft-touch handle sits comfortably in the hand and the rubber feet allow fast and effortless grating.

Use/food: carrots, courgettes, beetroot, apples, pears, celeriac

  • Signature Microplane Blade - photo-etched, ultra-sharp, long lasting stainless steel - MADE IN USA
    • Effortless grating for superior results
    • Ingredients are precisely cut into long thin strips, without ripping or tearing
    • Natural aromas are released to enhance flavour
  • Ideal for carrots, courgettes, beetroot, apples, pears, celeriac and more
  • Comfortable soft-grip handle
  • Non-slip rubber feet for stability and flexibility whilst grating
  • The Fine Julienne Blade complements the Microplane® Gourmet series comprising 10 different blades styles and reflects Microplane’s  heritage and expertise in sharp tools
  • Easy cleaning. Simply rinse under running water / dishwasher safe
  • Measurements: 31.5 cm x 7.8 cm x 3 cm
  • Grating surface: 12.6 cm x 6 cm

Designed with both the professional chef and home cook in mind, the extensive, paddle-shaped Gourmet Series was enhanced in design and function. It looks sleek and offers ample grating and shaving surface, soft-touch handles, plus non slip rubber ends for added stability.

Handsomely crafted, the high-performance Gourmet Series features seven grating options: Coarse, Medium Ribbon, Fine, Large Shaver, Extra Coarse, Star blade, and Ultra Coarse.

Microplane® - The Company

Microplane® is based in Russellville, Arkansas by family-owned Grace Manufacturing Inc., a long-standing company specializing in the crafting of precision thin metal parts for home and industrial use.

With almost 40 years experience of photochemical manufacturing, the company introduced a new form of woodworking tools in 1990, followed by a kitchen line in 1994 and expanded into the personal care industry in 2004. With North American and European operations, and worldwide distribution, the company currently owns several U.S. process patents and produces successfully over 400 products for the housewares and personal care industries.

s patents and produces successfully over 400 products for the housewares and personal care industries.

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