Genius - Invictus X Water 2.0 (Set of 6) | Wet Cleaner Attachment for the X9|X7|X5|X3

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Genius - Invictus X Water 2.0 (Set of 6) | Wet Cleaner Attachment for the X9|X7|X5|X3

This set includes:

    Invictus X Water 2.0 (Set of 5) | Wet Cleaner Attachment

  •         1 x X Water basic unit
  •         1 x cyclone filter
  •         1 x fresh water tank
  •         1 x Dirty water tank
  •         1 x Motorised cleaning foot with brush roll

    1 x Invictus X Water 2.0 | Storage and Cleaning Station

The INVICTUS X Water 2.0 is a further development of the X Water. With the innovative, practical X Water 2.0 you can turn your INVICTUS X9/X7/X5/X3 hoover into a wet cleaner with just one click! Thanks to the one-click mechanism, vacuuming and wet cleaning go in one device - for cleanliness in perfection! It is also compatible with oßther X-series appliances.

Spilled ketchup, paint, yoghurt, mustard, milk, stubborn footprints and much more - the INVICTUS X Water 2.0 always ensures perfect cleaning results. Wiping smooth surfaces is a breeze, for results that are a pleasure to behold. The motorised cleaning foot with brush roller mops and scrubs all hard floors with a powerful 2,500 revolutions/minute and gives them a special shine. The absolute highlight is the self-cleaning device, which takes care of cleaning the brush roll for you - without you coming into contact with the dirt. Thanks to the practical spray function, your floors are individually moistened. The special 2-water tank system always ensures clean water when cleaning, without having to change the water tank frequently. With the new X Water 2.0, the fresh and dirty water tanks are built in one line for even easier removal, filling and emptying. The two tanks each have a capacity of 0.4 litres. When the dirty water tank is full, the practical auto-stop function prevents the water tank from overflowing - the appliance switches off and the signal lights on the cleaning foot flash red. Experience pure innovation and cleanliness! The X Water 2.0 is also safer to use because it switches off at an angle of 30° (only in combination with the X9). It is a wet cleaner of a special kind and is ready for all cleaning situations.

This accessory is compatible with the following Invictus models: X9, X7, X5, X3.

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