Wüsthof EPICURE - Knife block thermobook

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Wüsthof EPICURE - Knife block thermobook

  • Material: thermobook
  • Well protected and always at hand, store your EPICURE knives in the wood block.
  • Knife block for 6 parts
  • Metal plate made of stainless steel with lasered logo & lettering.
  • Dimensions of the knife block: 24.5 cm long, 12.5 cm wide, 25 cm high.
  • Please only rinse knives by hand.
  • Quality - Made in Germany / Solingen.



EPICURE is the cooking tool for all challenges to be mastered in the kitchen. It combines the virtues of two great philosophies: the efficiency and lightness of Japanese knives paired with German quality and safety. In so doing, EPICURE embodies a new type of knife - one that works with all cooking styles and sets the standard in function and performance.


The development of EPICURE consistently follows our aspiration to leave out what is redundant and optimize what is necessary. The grip – designed to be a bit wider in the front third and tapered towards the back – is distinguished by the profile, which adapts to the natural contraction of the hand. This supports the ergonomically expansive grip position. Even when using a leading grip, EPICURE acts as a role model: the recontoured bolster effectively protects fingers from making contact with the sharp blade and imparts good control and safety.


Every blade is designed without exception to have a wider shape, exerting more weight on the item being cut and thereby working with much greater efficiency. At the same time, it guarantees you increased safety and noticeably improved ease of use: the wider contact surface offers not only better control when guiding the knife, but also helps to transport food to the pot quickly and cleanly. This is what makes EPICURE – great ideas, realized in perfect form.

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