Silikomart - Ice Ice shape wafer

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Silikomart - Ice shape wafer for 4 ice

Ideal for making ice on the basis of fruit, Milk or yogurt.

Silikomart - Ice shape heart

  • Dimensions: 9,2 cm x 4,8 cm ca.  Ø x 2,4 cm V 90 ml
  • Color: White
  • incl. 50 Sticks
  • Recipes Book

Easy Cream by Silikomart is a range of products for making ice creams, brioches and savoury cakes on a stick; thanks to these innovative moulds, to the recipe booklet and to the wooden sticks contained in each set, it is possible to prepare ice creams with natural and simple ingredients without the use of the ice cream machine and delicious sweet or savoury cakes on a stick. This range includes a big novelty which will make happy all those who like offering an original dinner at home: Mini Easy Cream, the collection of mini moulds perfect not only for making mini customized ice creams; it’s a real revolution for finger food concept! Mini omelettes, mini vegetable mousses and mini savoury cakes on a stick to be served with the aperitif will astonish the guests of your special dinners with an original and fashion appetizer

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