Lurch - Wursti-Maker set of 2

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Lurch - Wursti-Maker set of 2

When grilling, the classic must not be missing: the bratwurst! Be it at parties or in the football stadium, a delicious sausage, such as the Thuringian, is always eaten with pleasure. Add a little more mustard, ketchup, curry sauce, bread or salad to make the snack perfect. In the past there were mainly pork, beef or poultry sausages, vegetarian or vegan alternatives are becoming increasingly popular these days. Meat-free sausages made from tofu, soy, seitan, lupine or tempeh are comparatively expensive in retail. In addition, they often receive artificial additives to mimic the meat taste. You can only avoid that no preservatives, emulsifiers, phosphates or flavor enhancers are processed in the sausage if you make them yourself. So you can not only choose good ingredients, but also determine the taste. Whether you add different spices such as allspice, marjoram, chili or fresh herbs such as wild garlic, you get exactly the sausage you like.

First prepare the sausage mixture from your delicious ingredients. This is then filled into the Lurch Wursti-Maker mold and closed with the lid. Now just cook in a saucepan in hot water - done! You can grill or roast the sausage as you like.


  • For the individual production of sausages and scalded sausages
  • Easiest preparation with your own ingredients
  • Fill the sausage mixture into the form, cook in hot water and fry or grill as desired - done!
  • Ideal for vegans & vegetarians
  • With recipes! Rough tomato-chili sausage & vegan sausage
  • Material: silicone
  • Dimensions: 14.8 x 17.3 x 3 cm, 11 x 2 cm per sausage


Lurch is the brand for special applications in the kitchen. Lurch is fresh, innovative, exciting, striking and significant.

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