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Culinaris - Knife Sharpening Services

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Culinaris - Knife Sharpening Services

Good knives always need some maintenance from time to time. Any knife loses its sharpness at some point and what is more annoying and spoils the fun of cooking? Correct. A blunt knife.
In addition to high-quality knives, we also offer our own grinding service. The knives are ground in the classic Japanese V-cut, a change from the German U-cut to V-cut is possible.
The knives are first ground by hand using wet grinding stones with different grain sizes - initially 240/1000 - and then polished over 3000/8000. Polishing preserves the sharpness of the knife for a longer period of time when used properly and closes open pores.
The sharpness of the knife is in many cases, depending on the steel used, usually even sharper than in the newly purchased condition.
If your knives are damaged, we can correct them to a certain degree. For example, broken tips or broken blades. Please use our contact form or write an e-mail with a picture of the damaged blade, service@culinaris.eu. Your knife will be assessed and a quotation will be made. We assume no liability for already sent, severely damaged or torn blades. Not every knife can be repaired, in case of doubt please contact us first.
The prices for this service can be found in the table. The return shipment is free from 3 big blades – this offer is only for Germany.
Our services:

  • Sanding of all standard smooth blades in Japanese V-cut
  • Repair and repair of defective blades
  • Handle care for wooden handles
  • Blade oil for non-stainless knives
  • serrated on request with longer processing time

You want to do it yourself and still do not know how? In our branches in Leipzig / Berlin / Günthersdorf and Erfurt you can book a private course. You bring a little bit of time and a knife, we take care of the rest. Prices on request.

After having received the voucher please send in your knife to:

Culinaris Küchenaccessoires
Steinbachweg 8
04158 Leipzig



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