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Betty Bossi has stood for culinary expertise for 60 years and is one of the most well-known brands in Switzerland. With the slogan: "Betty Bossi leads to the simplest way to enjoy! Betty Bossi always succeeds! "Promises Betty Bossi not too much.

Discover the diverse and culinary world of Betty Bossi!

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Betty Bossi - Rösti-Blitz

Product no.: BB155005

Betty Bossi - Rösti-Blitz - Rösti strips in 5 minutes: Rösti has never been that fast! And that without peeling and grating.

42.95 *

Betty Bossi - Sauce Maker

Product no.: BB155020

Betty Bossi - Sauce Maker - Make Sauces Quickly! Mayo, tartare, cocktail, béarnaise or hollandaise

39.95 *

Betty Bossi - Spätzle Mix

Product no.: BB155004

Betty Bossi - Spätzle Mix - Dough preparation and Spätzliausbringen are now easy, fast and clean in the Spätzli Blitz.

59.95 *

Betty Bossi - Mini Spiralizer

Product no.: BB155000

Betty Bossi - Mini Spiralizer - Spiral cutter for vegetable spaghetti or spirals with easy and quick handling

21.95 *

Betty Bossi - Maxi Spiralizer

Product no.: BB155001

Betty Bossi - Maxi Spiralizer - large spiral cutter for fruits and vegetables with a diameter of up to 8.5 cm

59.95 *

Betty Bossi - Veggie Drill

Product no.: BB155002

Betty Bossi - Veggie Drill - the clever vegetable and fruit scoop for dishes and snacks with wow effect

17.95 *

Betty Bossi - Wonderbox

Product no.: BB155006

Betty Bossi - Wonderbox - for easy cutting and shaping of decorative biscuits made from leaves, cake or flame cake dough

33.95 *

Betty Bossi - Chocolate Deco

Product no.: BB155018

Betty Bossi - Chocolate Deco - Change the spout with just one hand! Also during the decorating.

21.95 *

Betty Bossi - Deco Cream Whipper

Product no.: BB155019

Betty Bossi - Deco Cream Whipper - 2-in-1 helper for whipping cream and decorating

29.95 *

Betty Bossi - Nacho Roller

Product no.: BB155009

Betty Bossi - Nacho Roller - for crispy-crunchy triangular nachos, tortilla chips and crackers

10.95 *

Betty Bossi - Grissini Roller

Product no.: BB155010

Betty Bossi - Grissini Roller - for delicious grissini sticks - quick and easy homemade just delicious

10.95 *

Betty Bossi - Rose Roller

Product no.: BB155012

Betty Bossi - Rose Roller - an eye-catcher of the extra class for varied fillings of biscuits in rose form

10.95 *

Betty Bossi - Croissant Roller

Product no.: BB155017

Betty Bossi - Croissant Roller - for delicious croissants, golden brown baked and wonderfully fragrant - with or without filling

10.95 *

Betty Bossi - Cracker Roller

Product no.: BB155015

Betty Bossi - Cracker Roller - for crispy crackers and crispbread thanks to ingenious embossing and needling

10.95 *

Betty Bossi - Pocket Roller

Product no.: BB155008

Betty Bossi - Pocket Roller - for uniformly shaped dumplings that can be filled at will

10.95 *

Betty Bossi - Jalousie Stripes Roller

Product no.: BB155014

Betty Bossi - Jalousie Stripes Roller - for classic, delicious strips of blinds that can be filled - just like the pro

10.95 *

Betty Bossi - Jalousie Stars Roller

Product no.: BB155013

Betty Bossi - Jalousie Stars Roller - for the real stars among the pastries with charming star pattern

10.95 *

Betty Bossi - Christmas Roller

Product no.: BB155016

Betty Bossi - Christmas Roller - for unique biscuits in fir shape with varied fillings

10.95 *

Betty Bossi - Apple Grater

Product no.: BB155022

Betty Bossi - Apple Grater - Apple delight on a whim!

24.95 *

Betty Bossi - Midi Spiralizer

Product no.: BB155023

Betty Bossi - Midi Spiralizer - Spiral cutter for vegetable spaghetti or spirals with easy and quick handling

35.99 *

Betty Bossi - Veggie Sheet Slicer

Product no.: BB155024

Betty Bossi - Midi Spiralizer - innovative cutting method: Vegetables and fruits are cut into very thin slices.

39.95 *

Betty Bossi - Dumpling Maker

Product no.: BB155021

Betty Bossi - Dumpling Maker - innovative cutting method: Vegetables and fruits are cut into very thin slices.

24.95 *
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