Microplane - Staybowlizer

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Microplane - Staybowlizer

What is Staybowlizer? Consider the Staybowlizer your third hand in the kitchen, a welcome replacement to the ‘damp-towel’ method of bowl steadying so commonly used by chefs the world over.
Staybowlizer is a device that is used to secure bowls of all shapes and sizes from unwanted movement across a diverse range of applications using patented suction-lock design.
Mix, whisk and whip with the freedom of always having the other hand free to precisely add ingredients to the mixture without missing a ‘beat’. Manufactured in the highest of standards by a BSCI compliant facility, the Staybowlizer is constructed using a BPA-free FDA standard food-safe silicone compound which is heat-resistant to 260°C / 500°F making it suitable for use in the oven, microwave and dishwasher. Seemingly simple yet extremely versatile, users will immediately discover the innovative nature of this universal tool and its limitless uses.

  • How Staybowlizer Works.

Common problems are often best served by simple solutions. Such is the case with Staybowlizer. The device’s design provides users two methods with which they can go about securing a bowl. In its primary orientation (logo-side facing up), a bowl set within the Staybowlizer is cradled with a full 360° of support. The resulting friction from the contact between the outside wall of the bowl and the face of the ring provides outstanding lateral stability for the bowl allowing it to be set securely in both level and tilted positions. Alternatively, a user may elect to use the Staybowlizer in its secondary orientation by flipping the device over (logo-side facing down).
When a bowl is set atop the Staybowlizer in this orientation and the user places each hand on opposing sides of the bowl’s rim and exerts even downward pressure, the device’s lower flange will collapse and a suction-lock will then be formed between the bowl, device and surface

Product Details

  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Becomes the third hand in the kitchen
  • Has two methods of usage
  • Fits bowls with a minimum of  6 inches in diameter
  • Material: BPA-free FDA standard food-safe silicone
  • 6" diameter 15,5 cm x 2" H - 5 cm
  • general support for mixing bowls
  • apparatus for serving, double-boiler and bain-marie trivet and wok stand
  • bowl stacking and storage support
  • surface and counter protection assistive device for healthcare and rehabilitation
  • support for dog’s food and water bowls anti-skid apparatus on-board marine craft and recreational vehicles
  • prop for retail displays

Microplan® - The Company

Microplane® is based in Russellville, Arkansas by family-owned Grace Manufacturing Inc., a long-standing company specializing in the crafting of precision thin metal parts for home and industrial use.

With almost 40 years experience of photochemical manufacturing, the company introduced a new form of woodworking tools in 1990, followed by a kitchen line in 1994 and expanded into the personal care industry in 2004. With North American and European operations, and worldwide distribution, the company currently owns several U.S. process patents and produces successfully over 400 products for the housewares and personal care industries.

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