Fabrikators - SKRUB'A Glove

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Fabrikators - SKRUB'A Glove

Now you can thoroughly clean your vegetables and retain the 50-percent of nutrients lost when vegetables are peeled.

Available in adult and children’s sizes.


The glove is a one size fits all and ideal to scrub, rinse and clean new potatoes, baked potatoes and many other vegetables.


The veggie glove is the universal vegetable glove. The glove is a one size fits all and ideal to scrub, rinse and clean potatoes, beet roots, radices, leaks, mushrooms, gourds, corn, and many many more.


The carrot glove is great for scrubbing and cleaning carrots, parsley roots and root vegetables in general.

A smart, practical and stylish concept, ideal for every kitchen.
The friable skin of potatoes, fruits and vegetables usually gets caught in traditional cleaning sponges, which then have to be discarded or reused dirty.
The alternative of using hard brushes leaves a big mess around the kitchen sink. Both approaches tend to result in accidentally scraping skin off your hands instead of the intended item as well as creating a mess.

Previous solutions to the problem of cleaning fresh fruit, vegetables and potatoes included using overly spacious hand operated appliances, which in themselves are difficult to clean.

The scrubbing gloves however, are superbly effective, consume very little space and are extremely easy to clean after use.

The glove works equally great when cleaning carrots, beet roots, gourds and other vegetables.
The gloves are offered in a “one size fits all” fitting both women and men. There are also gloves available in children’s size.

Vitamins & minerals
In fruits and vegetables more than 50% of minerals and vitamins are situated in the skin or just below. Peeling removes all those vital vitamins and minerals.
The scrubbing glove removes dirt and bacteria on the surface, while retaining the vital healthy minerals.

Having extra sets of adult and kids gloves in your household allows you to spend more time together as a family in the kitchen. Let the whole family help out in the kitchen.

Long gone is the risk of sharp knives or electrical kitchen appliances,
With the Skrubas everyone can participate - men, women, kids even people suffering from arthritis.

The gloves have been tested to meet the highest standard of food hygiene both by Danish Technological Institute and Bureau Veritas.

Cleaning the gloves
After use, the gloves are easily rinsed and wrung out. The airy knit allows the gloves to try quickly after use. For a more thorough rinse, use the dishwasher or a washing machine (40 °C).

Made in Denmark - made of FDA-tested nylon mesh

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