CHROMA - BERTA Knife Sharpener W-16

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CHROMA - BERTA Knife Sharpener W-16

CHROMA - BERTA Knife Sharpener W-16 - Sharpen your knives with the practical knife sharpener, so that you are ready for use again.

  • 18,4 x 5,7 cm

Even the sharpness of good knives decreases, so the blade has to be sharpened.

One of the most important features of an authentic Japanese knife is the handmade "V-cut". This natural finish enables easy sharpening using one of our whetstones. Our knives are predominantly equipped with this elaborate Japanese cut. This cut makes our knives sharper than many conventional kitchen knives.

Never use a normal sharpening steel to sharpen the authentic Japanese "V-cut" blades. You will thus damage the shape of the "V-cut". To grind their high quality knives, we recommend CHROMA water whetstones.

Before the grinding procedure, they are placed in water for about 15 minutes until no air bubbles rise. Thus, the grindstone can absorb enough water to ensure sufficient cooling of the grindstone during grinding. The CHROMA grinding stones are relatively soft, dulled abrasive particles are easily and quickly replaced by new sharp. In this way, you quickly achieve a high sharpening effect.

The professional chef does not even have the idea to let his knives dull. However, the need for sanding is often underestimated by ambitious hobby chefs. Once you get used to sharp knives, you certainly do not want to work with blunt knives - as you will probably use in 80% of all households! Like the pros, you should not let their knives dull, but grind them regularly.

A sharp knife can be made lighter, more accurate and with less pressure - as absurd as this may sound, a sharp knife reduces the risk of injury in the kitchen. With a sharp knife you cook better - a smooth cut closes the pores immediately, because the surface is many times smaller. A sharp knife will not let you "cry" when cutting onions, as you will use the blade to slide through the onion instead of expressing the essential oils.

They cut with a sharp knife. Cutting is the movement back and forth. Most press, because the knife is too dull!

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