Profino - HoneyWare - Vacuum pump

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Profino - HoneyWare - Vacuum pump

Vacuumsaver's patented technology and Honey Ware have worked closely together to develop the innovative, reusable food storage containers. The vacuumed state helps to preserve the freshness of food for much longer, because the vacuum protects it from oxidation, minimises moisture and thus protects the food from bacterial and fungal attack.

  • Dimensions: 11.3 x 4.5 cm
  • Material plastic

What is enamel?

It´s made of two very different basic materials: steel and glass!

In a very complex manufacturing process - even today it´s mostly handmade - an exceptionally product is farbicated. After the design process the form is produced of a special steel. Melted glass is carefully put on the form in several layers. Afterwards its connected with the steel through heating it up to 900°C. This enamelling process is, depending on the product, repeated until the product lives up to the high standards of HoneyWare enamel and can be - well wrapped - send on its way to the customer.

With HoneyWare enamel food stays longer fresh, gets prepared environment friendly, is perfectly stored and delicously served. The product can be effortless cleaned in a dishwasher and is so completing an environment friendly and beautiful designed product.

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