AdHoc - Decanting pourer AEROVIN

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AdHoc - Decanting pourer AEROVIN

When it comes to taste, spirits are traditionally different. Everyone has their own taste preferences. This also applies to wine. Everyone agrees, however, that every wine needs the best possible treatment and attention to get the perfect taste experience. In particular, full-bodied or older wines, after opening a special treatment to part. Many wines require a sufficient air supply after opening so that the flavors develop as best as possible. However, to ensure that the wine does not have to be open for hours before drinking and that it comes into contact with air in an uncontrolled manner, it is possible to ventilate the wine at the perfect time with just the right amount of air. That's exactly what the Decanting Pourer AEROVIN was developed for. Due to the applied venturi principle, air flows through the hole in the acrylic attachment into the liquid as soon as it is poured out. The wine is therefore directly ventilated during pouring through additional air and thus receives sufficient oxygen for a full taste experience. AEROVIN has a silicone cuff that guarantees a secure and tight hold in the bottle regardless of whether the bottle was corked or screw capped. A filter made of fine-meshed stainless steel mesh on the spout ensures that coarse, unpleasant deposits from the wine, the tartar or the depot, do not get into the glass during pouring and thus remain in the bottle. In addition, the spout is designed to prevent unpleasant dripping and, thanks to the integrated return flow, find the way back into the bottle and not on the table. The associated stand keeps AEROVIN safe and handy for the next use. AEROVIN is therefore an ideal companion for every wine connoisseur looking for the perfect taste at the right moment.

  • Stainless steel / plastic / silicone
  • D: 3 cm, H: 16 cm, with stand:
  • D: 5 cm, H: 17.5 cm
  • Design: AdHoc Design Team
  • Not suitable for use in a dish washer
  • Including storage and draining rack

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