Sowden - Oskar Kaffeebereiter 0,8 L

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Sowden - Oskar Coffee Maker 0,8 L

The easy as well as genius SoftBrew mechanism from Sowden makes it possible. 
The purpose of the Softbrew™filter is to keep the ground beans separated from the water ­ thousands of microscopic holes allow the water to flow and take up the taste without over filtering whilst allowing some ‘fines’ to filter through to the coffee giving the typical ‘body’ of an excellent brew.
The method is simple: place the filter in the porcelain pot, put coffee into the filter and pour over hot water at the temperature of your choice - that’s it!

  • L 18 x  W 11 x H 14,5 cm - V = 0,8 L
  • Material: Porcelain, stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe. All parts

Sowden - Design

The new name in houseware is SOWDEN, a signature brand from Milan based designer George Sowden. He is using his experience, of more than three decades in this market, to develop a collection that meets a growing demand for new products which embody a contemporary idea of functionality.
Brand SOWDEN offers what is destined to become a benchmark for usefulness - as already seen with the development of the SoftBrew coffee maker - resulting from a creative collaboration between professionals in concepts, production, logistics and marketing.

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capacity 0,8 L

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