Culinaris - Face mask

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Culinaris - Face mask

This product is not a medical apparatus, only for emergency use

  • Certificate Of Conformity
  • Product name: disposable face mask
  • Specifications: 17,5 x 9,5 cm
  • Product performance: Blocking droplets, preventing haze, anti-pollen, Anti-fine particles, etc.
  • Raw materials: Inner layer: non-woven fabric    Outer layer: non-woven fabric
  • Filter layer: melt blown fabric   
  • Grade: Qualified             
  • Inspector: 02    
  • Product protection effect level: Class D
  • Executive standard: GB / T32610-2016  
  • recommended usage time max. 4 hours
  • returns are not possible for hygienic reasons

How to use:

1. Face the white side of the mask toward your nose, bridge cutward.

2. Wear the ear straps so that the mask covers the nose and mouth completely.

3. Adjust the bridge of the nose so that the mask fits snugly against the nose and cheeks.

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