La Pavoni - espresso machine - Botticelli Specialty

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La Pavoni - Espresso machine - Botticelli Specialty

Botticelli Specialty is the new espresso coffee machine for passionate espresso lovers who want to enjoy an espresso as perfect as in an Italian bar.

Coffee machine equipped with dual boiler with BPPC system (brewing pressure control in real time directly to brew group), special coffee and shower screens Competizione series. During coffee brewing, the water can be readjusted through the BPPC system to obtain the best result depending on the type of coffee.


  • Painted steel body. (AISI 304)
  • Chromium-plated brass brewing groups with pre-brewing chamber
  • BPPC SYSTEM - pump pressure control during coffee preparation
  • Double boiler system for optimal coffee and steam / hot water performances
    Copper boiler for coffee water capacity: 0.6 L (1000W - 220-240Vac) - (850W - 120Vac)
    Steam / hot water boiler: 1.8 L (1300W - 220-240Vac) - (850W - 120Vac)
  • Electro professional rotary pump (not vibration pump) with external pressure adjustment
  • Water tank capacity 2.9 liters. Possibility of connection to the water supply through hose
  • Electronic water level regulator
  • Electronic regulation of the boiler water level
  • Antivacuum protection
  • Steam nozzle to protect against scalding
  • Hot water outlet against scalding
  • Pressure gauge for boiler pressure control
  • Resettable thermal fuse
  • Pid system
  • Dimensions: width / depth / height 330 x 425 x 425 mm
  • Power supply 220-240 Volt 50Hz - 120 Volt 60Hz
  • Power 2400 W


La Pavoni - A synonym for Italian coffee

A long history of passion and tradition which has made its Espresso coffee machines famous all around the world. The range of lever machines are iconic models, made completely by hand in the company’s Milan factory. They are an important part of Italy’s design history, one which has made preparing coffee a delicious art.

The perfect combination of design, tradition and technology, the lever models offer perfect brewing which allows users to enjoy a delicious coffee with abundant “crema” from a miniature espresso bar-type machine. Indeed, manual brewing incorporates the art of preparing a real Espresso in the finest Italian tradition, for a coffee with an intense, full-bodied flavour.

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