ZYLISS - Safe Edge Can Opener Safety Edge

Product no.: E930027
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ZYLISS - Safe Edge Can Opener Safety

The Safe Edge Can Opener from Zyliss leaves no sharp edges. The cutting wheel mechanism locks it’s self on to the can lid, by opening and closing the turning handle. The wheel then moves outwards, when in the open position, and then inwards to lock itself onto the can when in the closed position. There’s no need to handle the lid, just pull the opener up and then unlock by pressing down on the turning handle to release the can.

  • Effectively opens cans from the top rather than the side to ensure there is no sharp edge left on the can or lid
  • Handy 'lid-grippers' safely remove the lid for easy disposal
  • L 8 cm / H 7 cm / B 17,5 cm

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