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Brainstream - SOI. mini - Handbag Light - Not search. Find.

  • Brainstream SOI - The first automatic handbag light of the world.
  • Helpful and time-saving: On average women spend 76 days of their lives looking for things in their bags.
  • SOI = finding, not searching: SOI puts an end to standing in the dark!
  • Small and light: SOI weighs a mere 25 g and takes up very little space, measuring just 7cm in diameter by 2cm in height.

Why do women need SOI?
A handbag belongs to the "essentials" of every woman. For many it is an indispensable companion, an ever-present sanctuary for all those everyday items. As every self-respecting woman knows, these items grow in number until it becomes quite difficult to find objects, costing you valuable time. Bag lights with switches, or mini-key ring torches do not offer a great deal of help: by the time you have found and manually switched on these aids, the item you actually needed has probably long surfaced. High time for a truly illuminating solution! SOI – puts an end to standing in the dark.

SOI means saving time!
On average, women spend 76 days of their lives looking for things in their handbags. This is valuable time that SOI enables you to put to better use.

SOI – the topic of conversation
Trendsetters in our field – women's periodicals and fashion magazines – have heralded SOI as the fashion accessory to have. And the fact that the first stock of SOIs promptly sold out speaks volumes: women simply love this innovative product. The rounded shape boasting an elliptical cross-section represents a design of classic, elegant proportions, devoid of any frills. Shape and feel are reassuring to the touch and, once tried, you will wonder how you ever coped without SOI.

SOI is flexibly mobile!
Women have several handbags and often change their bag on a daily basis. SOI is small, slender, light and flexible, meaning that she fits in every handbag without fuss and can be switched between bags in an instant - no fastenings, no clips, no stress.

How SOI works.
Such detection technology means that simply an approaching hand or a light touch causes SOI to light up. Once a given time period has elapsed, SOI switches off again, fully automatically and energy efficiently. No nearby hands means SOI does not light up. Thanks to high quality LEDs and optimised control circuit programming, battery life is enhanced and lighting power increased. After approximately 3000 cycles (= lighting up and automatically switching off), a change of batteries will be necessary and is a simple procedure to carry out. Weighing just 41 grams in total, SOI is of negligible weight in every bag.


BRAINSTREAM is a German manufacturer of “fun & functionalgifts.  The products are creative, funny and all have a high-t[egg] function and unique feature. This mix of solving a problem and causing a laugh makes them ideal gifts.
Everything started in 2000. Dr. Rupprecht Gabriel, a German engineer and entrepreneur, was annoyed by his poorly boiled breakfast eggs.

“Sometimes they were too hard, sometimes too runny, but rarely the way I like them to be”.  His aim was to spare himself that frustration. BRAINSTREAM’s founder and general manager wanted do invent a product, which did the work for him. The result was BeepEgg® - a singing and floating egg-timer. The first BRAINSTREAM product. Then, Gabriel formed a creative team, coming from different backgrounds, to start BRAINSTREAM as an enterprise.
Not a huge assortment, but a small, strong portfolio with products which fit the claim “fun & function” is the goal of the small, family run company. Funny and functional that is our product’s aim. Never simple gimmics or gadgets.

Made in Germany

The small, family run business stands for quality “made in Germany”. Not only is the design and distribution  based in Germany, but also production. This takes place in BRAINSTREAM’s home base in Bielefeld. Even almost all components are purchased from suppliers nearby. Quality and flexibility are essential for BRAINSTREAM products and short lead times can be counted on.

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