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Brainstream - Al Dente red - Pasta Timer

Forget about mushy pasta without bite. Al Dente® will sing to you when your pasta is ready. Simply cook Al Dente® together with your pasta in your pot. Al Dente® is the kitchen Mafioso that battles mushy pasta.

Al Dente® will sing to you when your pasta is ready. Simply cook Al Dente® together with your pasta in your pot.
Al Dente® looks like a Mafioso, but all he wants is to help. He can be looked upon as the pasta kitchen servant. Originally he came from Italy, and brought cultural goods along. Once the pasta is al dente, he will sing Italian opera melodies.
The PastaTimer will be plunged into the water together with the real pasta. Once the mafia-man shaped kitchen device gets into contact with boiling water, he will start an electronic pasta-cooking-program which will play tunes as soon as the pasta is perfect.

SINGING MAFIOSO - When the ideal cooking-time has been reached, Al Dente will play 3 famous melodies from Verdi operas.

  • AFTER 3 MINUTES  „That's Amore“
  • AFTER 7 MINUTES “The Pate”
  • AFTER 9 MINUTES “Tarantella Napoletana”

Just check the cooking time of your pasta and take it out of the pot as soon as the right melody plays.


BRAINSTREAM is a German manufacturer of “fun & functionalgifts.  The products are creative, funny and all have a high-t[egg] function and unique feature. This mix of solving a problem and causing a laugh makes them ideal gifts.
Everything started in 2000. Dr. Rupprecht Gabriel, a German engineer and entrepreneur, was annoyed by his poorly boiled breakfast eggs.

“Sometimes they were too hard, sometimes too runny, but rarely the way I like them to be”.  His aim was to spare himself that frustration. BRAINSTREAM’s founder and general manager wanted do invent a product, which did the work for him. The result was BeepEgg® - a singing and floating egg-timer. The first BRAINSTREAM product. Then, Gabriel formed a creative team, coming from different backgrounds, to start BRAINSTREAM as an enterprise.
Not a huge assortment, but a small, strong portfolio with products which fit the claim “fun & function” is the goal of the small, family run company. Funny and functional that is our product’s aim. Never simple gimmics or gadgets.

Made in Germany

The small, family run business stands for quality “made in Germany”. Not only is the design and distribution  based in Germany, but also production. This takes place in BRAINSTREAM’s home base in Bielefeld. Even almost all components are purchased from suppliers nearby. Quality and flexibility are essential for BRAINSTREAM products and short lead times can be counted on.


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