Triangle® - Pumpkin Carver 2-pieces

Triangle® - Pumpkin Carver 2-pieces

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Triangle® - Pumpkin Carver 2-pieces - V-carver and the U-carver short

  • Optimum supplements to pumpkin carving set 3-pieces & set 3-pieces

Scary Halloween faces probably are the true nature of most decorative pumpkins in fall season. What a shame as this vegetable is so nicely usable for a broad variety of decorative set-ups. With Triangle® pumpkin carving tools basically everything is possible with no harm to hands and kids.

Using the triangle® pumpkin carver, it is fast, easy and safe to carve out faces but also samples, ornaments or letters for each pumpkin type.
The single tools and their field of application:

  • The V-carver for narrow contours
  • The U-carver short for wider contours

The carved pumpkins can be hollowed out and illuminated or can serve as natural container for all sorts of fall-minded plants. They will impress your neigborhood and friends anyway. By being watched at your front door or by getting them as a gift.


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Triangle® - pumpkin carving set 2-pieces Triangle® - pumpkin carving set 2-pieces
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