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Triangle® - Julienne cutter Mood

Even vegetable strips for the creative kitchen. Carrot, zucchinis, radishes, beetroot and other vegetables are cut into uniformly fine, 3mm thin strips using this julienne cutter.
The julienne cutter from triangle is used as simple as a peeler and helps in the production of vegetable spaghetti, trimmings, vegetable esters or soup inserts. There are no limits for your creativity.

The high-quality hardened, extremely sharp blade copes with even hard vegetables and very much stays sharp for a long time. Even larger quantities can be cut completely fatigue-free.

For Soul, triangle uses PEFC-certified cherry wood from regional orchards, thereby supporting sustainable timber management and short transport routes. The handles are turned in Sauerland, then finely machined in Solingen and assembled with functional parts made of stainless steel. Naturally, eco-electricity is used.
  • easy to clean, hygienic
  • Kitchen helpers by triangle® for the highest demands of professionals and hobby cooks
  • Tradition, know-how and innovation since 1946: Triangle from Solingen

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