Coravin™ - pedestal

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Coravin™ - pedestal

The new Coravin pedestal * offers you the most elegant way to set up your Coravin wine system while keeping Coravin cartridges and needles at the touch of a button. It proudly holds your Coravin system, three needles, the needle cleaner and three Coravin cartridges. With rugged construction and sleek design, this is the ultimate way to proudly present your Coravin system.

* The cartridges, needles and Coravin system are not included in the purchase price of the Coravin pedestal.



Coravin is the only wine system with which all wines can be served by the glass without having to pull the cork. This will keep your wines fresh until you feel like a next glass. The risk of oxidation is eliminated and Coravin offers you more freedom and flexibility. You can now enjoy wines on your own terms: drink what you want, when you want, and in the quantity you want, without worrying about wasting a single drop.


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