Kochblume - square Smart Lid with Auto-Release Valve 33 cm

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Kochblume - square Smart Lid with Auto-Release Valve 33 cm

Enjoy perfect pan-frying, steaming, braising, simmering and sautéing with this innovative universal lid. A favorite in our kitchens, the Smart Lid features a silicone gasket that seals onto almost any pan and a groundbreaking dual-setting valve that can be set to trap steam in the pan or release it automatically.

When set to automatic, steam builds up under the lid until it pushes the valve open, releasing excess moisture and ensuring crispy-skinned, yet moist fried chicken, mouth-watering pork chops and more. With the valve locked closed, the Smart Lid seals in moisture—great for rice dishes, perfectly poached salmon, stewed and braised meats, or steamed veggies.

Thanks to the unique stepped silicone gasket, the Smart Lid forms a tight seal on almost any pot, making it an excellent alternative to a drawer full of bulky and hard-to-store lids. The clear glass center makes it simple to keep an eye on cooking foods, and the Smart Lid is dishwasher safe for hassle-free cleanup.

  • Material: Tempered glass, silicone, plastic
  • Care: Dishwasher safe
  • Important Safety Notice: When cooking on a gas stove do not allow the flame to extend beyond the base of the pan. Take special care when the lip of the Smart Lid projects beyond smaller-diameter pan edges. Never leave a pot sealed with a Smart Lid unattended while cooking on a gas stove
  • diameter: 32 cm


  • Dual-function valve can be opened to release steam automatically or closed to seal in moisture
  • fits all pots and pans - 24 to 28 cm square and round to 32 cm with smooth edge
  • Flower-shaped knob provides a secure, slip-free grip when placing or removing the lid
  • Tempered-glass center allows cooks to monitor foods as they cook


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