Klawe - Spoon - 30 cm

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Klawe - Spoon - 30 cm

The WOODEN MANUFACTORY KLAWE offers you classic wood products and creative individualized solutions in small and large quantities with handmade quality.

Whether large kitchen spoons, wooden boards, trays - we take care of our wood products with dedication and attention to detail for a perfect design. The production according to environmentally friendly guidelines plays just as great a role as the purity of the materials used. Every single Klawe product meets the highest quality standards and is the result of a passionate craft tradition.



  • Every good kitchen should use different cutting boards for different foods. - one for meat - one for fish - one for onions and garlic - one for fruits and vegetables
  • To keep the chopping board hygienically clean and supple, oil care is the best home remedy. Not only does it have to be 100% clean, it also has to be really dry.
  • After cleaning, place the wooden board upright so that the water can drain completely and the air reaches it from all sides. This prevents tensions that can arise when drying wood and cause it to crack. In general, items made of natural materials may not stay in the water for a longer period of time. And they also do not belong in the dishwasher because high temperatures and a lot of water add to the precious wood.
  • If the wood is perfectly maintained, it will last for many years and its use is fun.


Product information

Useful and practical accessory, which facilitates the daily work in the kitchen.

  • Length: 30 cm
  • Material: olive wood
  • FSC® certification


Klawe - Tradition

Gustav Klawe founded G. Klawe GmbH in 1931. In over 80 years of tradition, we have developed into an international producer and supplier of quality kitchen wood products and wooden promotional items. The experience of many decades is significantly involved in the further development of our products in terms of quality, functionality and design. Every wooden product we manufacture is unique in shape, drawing and color and is used not only in the private but also in the professional sector (restaurant, kitchen).
Wood - an individual material with tradition and future.

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