Joseph Joseph - Index Advance Small

Joseph Joseph - Index Advance Small

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Joseph Joseph - Index Chopping Board System
Index ™ is our multi-award winning cutting board categorization system. Designed to reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination of different types of food. The stylish case consists of four individual cutting boards (20 x 30 cm). Each board is color coded and has its own tab, which indicates which food it should be used for.

With the Joseph Joseph - Index Chopping System you can prepare vegetables, fish, raw meat and cooked food safely and separately.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Handy by rider made of silicone
  • non-slip due to silicone feet on the back

Size: 20,6 x 7,8 x 31,3 cm

The cutting boards are made of robust polypropylene and are dishwasher safe. The plastic protects the blades during cutting and prevents unnecessary blunting of the kitchen appliances. The individual boards from Index Advance also have an anti-slip coating for safe cutting even on smooth surfaces.

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