KitchenAid - Kitchen machine accessory set 5KSM2FPPC

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KitchenAid - Kitchen machine accessory set 5KSM2FPPC

This set contains 3 essential attachments for your KitchenAid stand mixer: a blender attachment, a meat grinder and a vegetable cutter. By combining the three attachments, you can let your creativity run free in the kitchen! With a mix of ingredients and flavors of your choice, you can prepare everything the palate desires - from falafels and purees to jams and tasty salads. Do you need help with the preparation? This is not a problem with these attachments! The Omnifood Kit has everything you need to prepare a whole meal! The meat grinder gives your burger patties the perfect consistency. The puree attachment ensures that your salsa is free of pits and pits. And the vegetable cutter gives you perfectly cut cucumbers and tomatoes in no time! The entire set is designed for all electric kitchen machine models from KitchenAid, so that you always have a compact and robust preparation aid on your kitchen counter!

KitchenAid - Vegetable Cutter 5KSMVSA - For cutting and grating root and green, raw vegetables, potatoes, onions, all fruits, nuts, chocolate for garnishing and cheese.
Complete with medium-coarse and coarse rasp drum and cutting drum. The drums are made of stainless steel. Practical storage container. All parts are easily accessible and stored safely
Standard accessories:

  • Drum for medium coarse grating: raw vegetables, almonds and nuts for baking as well as fruit and soft cheese
  • Drum for coarse grating: soup vegetables, cabbage, potatoes for hash browns, fruit, chocolate for sprinkling, cheese
  • Cutting drum: potatoes, onions, root vegetables and fruits
  • Practical storage container. All parts are easily accessible and stored safely

KitchenAid - Meat grinder 5KSMFGA - The KitchenAid meat grinder attachment for all our kitchen machines is a long-running hit and now even more stable and user-friendly than ever before. You can use it to chop, grind or grind all kinds of ingredients in no time at all. For example, use the KitchenAid meat grinder to make nutritious and tasty dishes like meatloaf, falafel, salsa and burgers at home. You can use the coarse (6 mm) or the fine (4.5 mm) stainless steel grinding disc to grind and mince all ingredients.
Standard accessories:

  • Fine (4.5 mm) grinding disc
  • Coarse (6 mm) grinding disc
  • Stainless steel knife
  • Tamper

KitchenAid - Blender Attachment 5KSMFVSP - You can use the KitchenAid Blender Attachment together with the KitchenAid meat grinder to create delicious, creamy dishes. Experiment with your favorite ingredients to prepare your own jams, purees, sauces, compotes or baby food. The attachment is powered by your KitchenAid stand mixer, so that fruit and vegetables can be easily pureed. The puree attachment is used in combination with the meat grinder, where the latter first grinds the ingredients.
Standard accessories:

  • Sieve basket and transparent splash guard
  • Conical sieve
  • Large grinder

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